Auckland Memorial Park
English 中國 한국의

If you choose burial the Park has a number of options available. Burial has been the favoured choice for the respectful internment of remains for thousands of years for many religions and cultures.

Hibiscus Lawn

A lovely land burial area just above the Settlers Cottage and overlooking the lakes. Burial plots are available adjacent to the concrete berms. Up to two burials or one burial and two ash internments are permitted per plot.

Lake View Terraces

One of our most popular areas with small retaining walls separating each terrace. The rows are mid way up the slope and overlook The Lakes. Each burial plot in the Lakeview Terrace will accommodate either a double burial or a combination of one burial and two ash internments.

Jade and Golden Terraces

On the Park's highest slopes these terraces have been designed to give an outstanding view not only of t he Park but of the surrounding countryside and coastal areas to the north. All burial plots are arranged to take maximum advantage of the views and landscaping which distinguish the natural amphitheatre of the Park.

Within the Jade and Golden Terraces considerable freedom of design and burial configuration is