If you are looking for the perfect burial plot, Auckland Memorial Park & Cemetery can provide you with a number of options.


We offer burial spaces in the area of your choice and each area will have a unique aspect and different memorial option. At Auckland Memorial Park & Cemetery, we do our utmost to accommodate the different cultural and religious needs of our diverse community.


The park currently offers burial plots in following areas — The Hibiscus Lawn, Lake View Terraces, Jade Terraces and the Golden Terraces.


Hibiscus Lawn

Is a very beautiful and peaceful burial ground situated just above the Settlers Cottage and curves around a natural amphitheatre, with each row of plots crowned with a concrete berm for the positioning of a memorial of your choice. Each individual plot provides for the interment of two full burials, or one burial and two ash internments per plot.


Lake View Terraces

This is a very popular area, with a small retaining wall, separating each terrace, giving a level plot area. All our locations offer extra depth allowing for two burials in the same plot.


Jade and Golden Terraces

The Jade and Golden Terraces have been designed to take maximum advantage of the parks architecturally designed development. The panorama from these Terraces affords a grand view of the natural amphitheatre of the park. A wide choice of designs and styles are allowed when memorialising on these Terraces.

A burial plot with personalised memorials at the Auckland Memorial Park & Cemetery will allow for a deeper sense of connection and acknowledgement with those buried here and the Trust structure will ensure the tranquil setting is maintained forever.