Create a beautiful and meaningful memorial at Auckland Memorial Park & Cemetery.


Our dedicated team offer a range of services, expert advice, and support for choosing the perfect headstone, plaque or monument. We strive for the highest quality memorials by maintaining standards and engaging qualified partners.


We will help to personalize your memorial by offering a variety of products and design options while adhering to the guidelines stipulated in our Monumental Bylaws.


Let us assist you in honoring your loved one with a memorial that reflects your care and love.


Why Choose Us?


At Auckland Memorial Park & Cemetery we will support you through the entire process of establishing a lasting memorial to your loved one.

We have a comprehensive understanding of the varied cultural needs of our diverse community and this, combined with years of experience means that we can provide an all in one solution to the families we serve.


Costs for our memorial products varies depending on your needs however we endeavour to remain competitive and offer a comprehensive pricing schedule

which includes all aspects of the memorial, permitting and installation.