Let us help you create a beautiful and appropriate Memorial


A headstone (memorial) acts as a focal point for you and your family, you can visit and remember on special occasions, and leave a public acknowledgement on display to others. We understand that choosing a memorial is not easy since it’s a tribute to someone you miss dearly. We can assist you in making this process as easy as possible.


At Auckland Memorial Park & Cemetery, you can access a wide range of memorial services, friendly advice and support from our in house team, in addition to our qualified headstone mason partners. Our quality control, ensures that all of our headstones and memorial are manufactured to the highest of standards, our headstone mason partners are chosen for matching high standards, and when all this is brought together you can be assured that your headstone reflects a caring expression of your love, made to our impeccable standards.


All our headstones are engraved by professional and highly qualified stonemason partners so that you always get craftsmanship and service of the highest quality. We offer you complete flexibility in choosing your own design, colour, base, size, artwork and images for your memorial, subject to the sizes approved by the By-laws for your chosen plot.


If you’re looking for a more personalised design, we can do that too. Once all the details are confirmed by you, including size, quality, inscription, and design, it’s then handed over to our craftsman stonemason partners for the creation, shaping, engraving and finishing of your memorial, this can include your own custom design, manufactured and imported directly from our overseas partner stone quarries and manufacturers.


You can choose from a wide variety of granite and cost options. We can also advise you on the type and size of the headstones to be used to help you comply with the Parks Monumental Bylaws guidelines.

Our Packages


The cost of headstone memorials include the following:


  • Number of white/silver letters on the headstone
  • Ceramic photograph
  • 2 dome black, Silver, or Gold vases as chosen
  • State of the Art Computer cut inscription and art works


We are proud of our standing in the community that ensures we are well placed to have Monumental partners deliver only Memorials of the highest standard using the finest quality materials. We only allow the provision of A Grade granite from our Partners. If you are looking for high quality memorials, our relationships and purchasing systems ensure we supply only the highest quality granite, bronze plaques and Permanite Ceramic plaques.