Is the Park New Zealand owned and operated?

Yes. The Park is owned by a charitable trust and managed by Auckland Memorial Park Limited. The trust owns the freehold of the land. The managing company oversees day-to-day operations and is responsible for the cost of all improvements on the land.

Who are the Directors?

The Directors, all NZ Residents, Graeme Edwards John Bougen, Nigel Powell, Jackie Or and Tim Glasson.

How long do I own the plot for?

Burial plots are owned in perpetuity, which means that the Park and its managers can never resell your plot.

What is the Perpetual Maintenance Fund?

A one off payment of 10% which is included in the purchase price for every plot goes into a perpetual maintenance fund. The income from this trust will be used to maintain Auckland Memorial Park and its burial plots forever.

Can I pre-purchase the ash and/or convention burial plot?


Can I transfer/sell the plot to someone else if my needs change?


Is the cemetery for all cultures and denominations?

Yes. The diversity of New Zealand’s cultural and religious beliefs is respected. Whatever your ethnicity or faith, you can find a place to call your own in the Park, with a burial customised to meet your wishes.

Is the cost of a pre-purchased burial plot in the cemetery exempt from asset testing?

Yes. At the present time pre-paid funerals and related products, up to $10,000 are excluded from any asset testing. This includes the cost of a plot and memorial.

Is my investment regarded as an asset by the Income Support Department, and will it affect my pension entitlement?