Get unique and highly specialised columbariums for your loved ones


Auckland Memorial Park & Cemetery is proud of acquiring a special place in the hearts of people over the last 20 years, and we have become become a preferred first choice for those looking for burial or ash burial plots, headstones and plaques. The memorial park has been specifically designed for the community needs of the city and its different cultures and traditions.


Considering the huge demand from the city’s inhabitants, we now reviewing the feasibility of offering columbariums that provide dignity and serenity in a perfect natural setting. A columbarium is a small permanent building that may be used by a family for the above ground ash interment of up to twelve family members. They are permanent structures reflecting high-quality architectural design and construction to the highest standards.

Whilst common overseas, at this stage, the Columbarium at the Park concept is in its early stages, as the design, geo-engineering, and construction processes are all to a far greater standard than any ordinary conventional building.


Like everything at the Park, we need to deliver this interment option to the highest imaginable standard, as we would never put our reputation on the line for a sub-par offering.


If you are interested in the Columbarium option, and wish to explore the opportunity further, please feel free to contact us: Auckland Memorial Park & Cemetery on 09 426 9383 or Freephone: 0800 00 66 88, one of our friendly team will help you.