Auckland Memorial Park is home to Settlers Cottage, a small facility with seating for 50 people. Funeral services and memorial services can be held here and may include the option of refreshments afterwards.

The Cottage may be used by any family or community group and bookings can be made by families or Funeral Directors. Refreshments must be supplied/served by one of our pre-approved registered caterers.

Settlers Cottage may be used for any Funeral Service, even if the cremation or burial takes place somewhere else.

Families often choose our unique setting for smaller family services and we are always happy to accommodate.

We support local community groups by offering the facility to them at no charge. So if you are part of a group that needs a location for your next meeting or event please get in touch with us.

Auckland Memorial Park & Cemetery is situated in a 35 acre peaceful location just 25 minutes north of the Auckland Harbour Bridge. We are the custodians of a unique space, meeting the Burial and Memorial needs of our diverse cultural, ethnic and religious communities.