A popular Memorial option for ashes that will be own in perpetuity.

Following the Funeral Service a decision as to the memorialisation becomes a matter great significance to many families. To many people it is important role to recognise and acknowledge a person’s life both emotionally and spiritually. At Auckland Memorial Park, we are here to support you through this time and have different options available for memorialisation.

As an example a popular choice is to have an ash burial in a chosen area, with the applicable headstone/plaque (which we can supply), while some others may choose to scatter the ashes. Whatever you are considering, Auckland Memorial Park is able to provide both expert advice, and a range of options.

Auckland Memorial Park has available ash burial options that range from our beautiful garden areas, Rose gardens, Memorial seats and individual trees, shared trees, or even Family tree estates. The many options available provide for differing interment options, with some plots being for individuals, some for two ashes, and of course the family options and our trained Relationship team are only too willing to advise you.

Our Services

We understand that for many families the process is new and unfamiliar, but our Relationship Team are here to support and provide the right guidance. You can purchase ash burial plots from many different options and achieving an outcome that meets all your needs is our goal as we seek to develop a long term relationship with your family.

We can also help you in arranging ash-scattering ceremonies such as a floating ceremony, trenching ceremony or ringing ceremony.